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Welcome to Twin Clover Equipment Pennsylvania. With a long family history of farming in Pennsylvania, we have had years of experience in working with various cattle and sheep. And as all farmers know, working with animals has its daily challenges from feeding to handling and care. Over the years we have worked with many types of handling equipment and feeders on our farm to find what we feel are the best products for the job. And we are pleased to be able to offer some of the top brands available in the market today. We have partnered with Marweld to offer a wide range of chutes, gates, scales, fencing and feeders for goats and sheep. Stockman’s Choice is well known for their full line up of cattle handling chutes that can be utilized for all of your cattle needs. They also offer a full lineup of feeders and feed totes for all needs. Martin’s Feeders and Equipment specializes in both round and square bale feeder in traditional style and tombstone feeders. They also offer bunk feeders and mobile feeders for calves. All of our offerings are manufactured in North America using locally sourced materials and built to last. To see all of our offerings please use the links below.

Martin’s Feeders and Equipment was established in 1998 with the goal of bringing the best feeders to market

In 1987 we established Stockman’s Choice with the goal of producing the most efficient cattle handling equipment in the industry.

Marweld manufactures and distributes a variety of livestock equipment, including hay feeders, creep feeders, penning and handling equipment, farm gates, corrals, and horse stalls.”



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